Group Dinners

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Group dinner – served

We will welcome your guests with tastings of a variety of our boutique wines and quality cheeses.

A platter of goat cheeses produced on-site
Green salad with nuts, cranberries and our special house sauce…
Natural goat’s milk yogurt and of different flavors produced on site
Goat’s milk butter and olives
French sourdough bread with goat’s milk butter and olives

Hot dishes
4 cheese ravioli in cream and pesto sauce at the center of the table
Galilean St. Peter’s Fish fillet on a bed of vegetables served with a potato on herbs

Ice cream made on site on a bed of biscuits decorated with an intoxicating chocolate sauce…

The meal is served with pitchers of cold orange juice or lemonade and water
Coffee/tea bar on site

We guarantee a perfect culinary experience…

Dinner – buffet
We will welcome the guests with tastes of a variety of our boutique wines and fine cheeses.

Salad buffet:
Fine cheese platter straight from the Adir dairy farm
Adir salad – green salad with cheese, cranberries, nuts and pesto
Asian cabbage salad with cranberries and almonds.
Baby leaf salad with yam and cheese cubes.
Pasta salad with Bulgarian cheese, basil and dried tomatoes.
Lettuce salad with beets and mushrooms.

Bread corner
Flavored Focaccias

Hot dishes:
St. Peter’s Fish fillet with eastern sauce.
Pasta with cream and mushroom sauce
Eggplant Lasagna

Salmon in herbs

Served dessert
Hot chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice-cream and sprinkles of chocolate

Cold drinks
Pitchers of orange juice or lemonade + cold water

Hot drinks
Latte/espresso/tea of different flavors at the café bar
Available throughout the event

Dairy dinner – VIP
The winery staff and the Adir dairy farm offer your guests a Galilean culinary treat
The meal is prepared from the finest local ingredients
Cheeses, fish, vegetables, herbs and olive oil.
The following is the menu:

Appetizers on the table:
Roasted eggplant with grated feta cheese and lemongrass oil
Rich green salad with a special house dressing…
French sourbread with nuts, dips and green tahini

Served individually:
A cup of lentil or yam soup served with a spelt cracker (available onlyin winter) –check in advance for soup options
Cup of cold yogurt soup with cucumbers and a touch of dill (available in the summer)

Entrée served individually:
Oven baked Galilean trout fish from the Dan river in a marinade of coconut milk and sliced roasted almonds

Side dish on the table:
Potato and yam duet roasted in the oven and doused with olive oil and fresh spices

Chocolate soufflé served with vanilla ice-cream and a sprinkle of chocolate

Wine menu:
During the meal – Tastes of Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 and Shiraz 2009.
Dessert – tastes of Adir port wine

**The wine is served in tasting portions and is not served freely during the meal. Wine is available for purchase to accompany the meal at shelf price.