Group breakfasts

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You are invited to a decadent breakfast comprised of the best products from our dairy farm located opposite an intoxicating vineyard landscape

Served/buffet breakfast
We will welcome your guests in our Visitors Center, beginning the morning with a video describing the production process of the cheeses and wine and allowing them to soak up the unique atmosphere of the place.
During this time, the Visitors Center staff will prepare a kosher and particularly decadent dairy meal for your guests that includes:
An hor d’oeuvres platter of 4 types of goat cheeses produced on site,
A regular/vegetable two egg omelet, green salad with salty cheese, nuts, cranberries and our special pesto, two types of tapenade (tuna and olive), goat’s milk butter and fruit jam, French sourdough bread with nuts, coffee (latte/espresso) or tea…in our coffee bar.
And for dessert…delicious yogurt ice cream made on site and served with “Adir” dessert wine.
At the end of the video, a table set with an abundance of goods will await them…we guarantee a perfect culinary experience

Mini Breakfast
You are invited to begin your morning across from an intoxicating enchanted vineyard landscape.
With a variety of flavored pastries.
Muesli – made of fine goat’s milk yogurt, select granola and seasonal fruit – made on site.
Cold drinks – water with lemon or mint

Sandwich buffet
Omelet sandwich – mayonnaise, two egg omelet, tomato, cucumber.
Pesto Zfat cheese – Zfat goat’s cheese, tomato, cucumber, pesto.
Tunisian sandwich – tuna, hard-boiled egg, harisa spread, tomato, and pickles (spiciness can be adjusted to suit your taste).
Soft drink: water with lemon or mint and juice coffee/tea
Delivery available – sandwiches with an individual drink only…

Coffee and pastry
You are invited to begin your morning situated across from an intoxicating enchanted vineyard landscape.
With a variety of different flavored pastries, coffee/tea and cold drinks.

Good morning basket (to go)
A picnic basket and within it:
A bottle of Adir yogurt
Two sandwich halves – of your choice
Adir salad – for one
Adir napkin + disposable fork
The basket is wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon.
Separate bottle of mineral water for one.